New Opportunities

Through the internet of things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is at the heart of today’s strategic technology trends. Technology has emerged and matured thus far that ideas of tomorrow can actually be realized today. Nsure Technologies enables Multi Service Organizations (MSO’s) to enter new market segments by providing state of the art IoT-technology. Nsure traces its roots in two Dutch companies, their efforts combined have created an incumbent player in climate and connectivity solutions.

Nsure takes an integral responsibility for the total technology package. As a result we provide one stop shopping for home comfort solutions: All in-house development and manufacturing of hardware, application software and cloud technology. Nsure creates the inroad for MSO’s to enlarge their current scope of business and create new market segments.

smart home


& visionaries

The innovative journey towards a smart home is exciting and full of adventure. And now we are looking for fellow adventurers. Brave and driven by vision. Help guide our journey towards the future!

guide the journey

Future proof


The most important step towards accomplishing our vision is to not only ensuring that we work with all existing ‘Internet of Things’ devices, but also that our devices are designed to be compatible with any future Things.

We are proud to share our success in achieving this future proof architecture!