Smart Home

Cloud NIC
Secure, Open, Flexible

The Nsure Internet of Things Cloud (NIC) is an open and flexible platform that enables you to market tailored cloud services. The NIC comes without any lock in, data remains your ownership. The platform allows a seamless integration with third party APIs, making it a flexible fundament for your services.

Low-cost, plug & play energy measurement

Gain real-time insight into your energy usage using P1nsight. P1nsight is supported by the P1 smart meter dongle a smart device that will help you safe energy and costs.

P1nsight is a flexible scalable service. Whatever may be desired, P1nsight makes it possible. Ranging from monitoring a meter for a single household up to benchmarking and monitoring different company locations and commercial real estate using one account.

welcome home, piccolo will take care of the rest

Piccolo can assist you throughout your house. From managing your household to giving usefull tips and alarms when needed. It’s intelligently aimed to keep you comfortable the way you like it.

Piccolo is a home automation gateway and a smart thermostat in one device. Piccolo makes use of the OpenTherm® protocol and is provided with an intelligent self-learning heating algorithm.

Smart Boiler
Energy comfort secured

The ideal boiler providing you pleasing warmth and beneficent warm water comfort, combined with an ultra low gas consumption and a pleasurable pricetag.

The smart boiler is optimized for a seamless integration with the Butler. Enabling its smart sensors to support remote diagnostics and condition based maintenance. A highly efficient product of sustainable Dutch top quality.